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Search Popularity of Different Names of Clicker

Clickers have a wide variety of formally defined names by different manufacturers and users, which include Audience Response System (ARS), Classroom Response System (CPS), Personal Response System, Student Response System (SRS). To explore the popularity of different keywords, I did a simple Google search for the different names listed in the table blow. It turns out that Personal Response System is the most popular name for a clicker system.

As the different "response systems" are dominantly popular online, "web clicker" is 20-50 times less popular showing that web based clicker system is still at its young age, however, growth in the area is inevitable and rapidly developing. In addition, there are only 19 hits of "free web clicker" and is the only  true free web based student response system. 

Table 1. Search Popularity of Names of Student Response Systems (Clicker).
Data summarized from Google Searches on 03/06/2014.     

Names Google Google with " "
Audience Response System 37.3 M 146 K
Classroom Response System  20.7M 817 K
Personal Response System 177 M 55.6 K
Student Response System 112 M 124 K
Response System 537 M 1.11 M
Clicker 7.50 M  
Clickers 1.15 M  
Web Clicker 6.19 M 5.25 K
Free Web Clicker   19

Another more "ancient" name for clicker uses the word polling. It is now much less popular but still maintain a large user base. See table 2.  

Table 2. Search Popularity of Names of Student Polling Systems (Clicker). 
Data summarized from Google Searches on 03/06/2014.   

Names Google Google with " "
Audience Polling System 41.8 M 48.5 K
Classroom Polling System  1.07M 12.6 K
Personal Polling System 11.4 M 13
Student Polling System 5.59 M 1.5 K
Polling System 68.2 M 127 K
Polling 18.3 M  
Web Polling 16.4 M 14.6 K
Web Polling System 32.1 M* 28
Free Web Polling System 195 M* 5

*These names are much less popular but they all include popular words such as free and web. So the results here are not meaningful to the original purposes. 

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