Get Started

A quick starting guide for using the web clicker system:


First, a teacher needs to sign up to obtain a teacher's account. Here is how (and see the quick start flow-chart shown below):

  • Teachers can pick a community channel from the front page at and register for a teacher's account. 
  • The teacher's account needs to be approved by the administrator in that channel, which usually takes 1-2 business days.  
  • Once approved, a teacher can then create classes. Each class has a unique class ID, which the teacher can give students so that they can self-enroll into the class. A teacher can also manually enroll students if their user information is known. 
  • After the class is set up, the teacher can either create questions of his/her like or search from the library of shared questions to start voting sessions. 

Students can self-register with student accounts. With a class ID, a student can enroll into the class and start voting once a voting session is started by the teacher. 

For more details, please review the documentation pages at

Schools and institutions or training programs can also apply to set up their own community channel so that users and system functions can be fine tuned to meet the specific needs of your organization. Please contact us for more information on setting up your own community channel. 


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