Run a Web Clicker Session

Start the Web Clicker Launch Pad by click the “Run Clicker” tab from the admin page or “Run Clicker” link on the teacher log in page. 

Choose or Create a Class to Run Clickers

On "Run Clicker" page , teacher will see a list of previously created classes, and the teacher can also create a new class when running clickers the first time for a new class without any prior preparations. For an existing class, the teacher can click the class shown in the list and proceed to run web clicker sessions.  

For all classes, students can self-register and enroll into the class with the class ID. A teacher can also manually add a student into the class at the teach admin page.


Run a Clicker Session

Inside the clicker class page, you can create and run clicker sessions. There are three sections on the page:

  • The top is the voting sessions, which a teacher can enter to run clickers.
  • The middle is the list of selected questions that a teacher plans to use but may not need to use them all – it is a convenient collection for quick assess. 
  • The bottom is the list of questions that one can search from the entire question bank.

Once you have your planned questions selected, you can enter the voting session page to run clickers with your class.


Inside the voting session page, the top part is a list of questions that a teacher really plans to use. These questions are added from the list of selected questions shown at the bottom section of the page.

One unique feature is that a teacher can create a “Quick Vote” question on the spot if he/she decides to let students vote on anything either  drawings or writings on the board,  pages on the web, or words from mouth.

Once everything is ready, hit the “Run” button next to a question and a new clicker presentation page will show.


The Clicker Presentation Page and Functions

The clicker presentation page will show the question selected for voting and provide clicker functions including “Start” and “Stop” buttons, a timer, and “Show” and “Hide” voting results.

This page needs to be projected for students to see. On this page, you can also choose other clicker questions that you prepared for the clicker session directly. Usually a teacher can run all clicker questions for the entire class period without leaving this page.

If the page size doesn’t fit your screen, simply zoom it to fit – on a PC, hold “Ctrl” and scroll the middle mouse button or “+/-” keys. Use similar functions on the Mac.


After voting, the results can be shown to students to inspire further discussions.


Each question can be voted for many times and you can compare results for different votes to show learning and or start further discussion. A teacher can also create quick vote questions on this page – see the bottom part of the tool bar on the right hand side.


Student Use of Web Clickers (OSU example)

Students can use any networked devices with a browser: smart phones, pads, laptops (running any OS such as iOS, Android, Win, or anything with a browser) during a class:

  • Go to
  • Click OSU Channel
  • Click Student tab (see the figure below)
  • Log in or Create an account.

Sign in with your account. You will see the page below:

This shows the status before a voting session is launched by a teacher, which shows no active questions on the question list. The student's current class is also shown, which can be changed with links in the menu.  Students can hit “refresh” to see if any new questions are activated for voting. 

If needed, students can change “Class ID” and “Password” in “menu” (upper right corner). To make changes to “Class ID” and or “Password” go to “menu” and select the corresponding sub-menus. A student is only allowed to vote in one class at a time. Students can switch to other classes if voting in those classes are needed.


When your teacher hit the “Start” button on the clicker presentation page, voting will start. At this time hit “refresh” to see the questions to be voted. Click the question, make choices, and submit your answers.  That is it!



Enjoy your flipped classroom with an interactive and engaging learning environment!




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